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Retirement apartments for Clerks in Holy Orders and some family members


The Chaplain is the Reverend Christopher Boulton.

The part time secretary is Joanna Frost. She is available from Monday to Thursday, 9.30am to 12.30pm.

The resident Welfare Officer is Mrs Linda Balmer.

Contact us on 0208 460 4712 or email


“Behind the Walls”

Copies of the DVD of the play - written and produced especially for the Colleges’ 350th anniversary – are now available for purchase from the College Office. It offers you invaluable insights into the founding of the Colleges and their development between 1666 and 2016


The Trustees have appointed the Reverend Jane Kustner as Chaplain. For more details see essentials/administration


Bromley College was founded in 1666 by the Will of John Warner, Bishop of Rochester to provide housing for “twenty poore widowes of orthodoxe and loyall clergiemen.” The bishop had been deprived of his see and palace during the Commonwealth, when he spent years moving around the West Country, staying with relative and friends. He knew what is was like to be homeless and decided to use some of his considerable wealth to provide for the widows of clergy who had been killed in the Civil War, supporting the King. John Warner, whose estate in Walsingham in Norfolk is still in the family, and his wife had no children. His sister had married and her two sons became John Warner’s heirs, assuming the name Lee-Warner. They became archdeacons in Rochester Diocese.

It was intended that the college should be built in Rochester, near the Cathedral where the residents would be able to worship. However, land was apparently not available and after the passing of a special Act of Parliament, it was built in Bromley in 1672, near the Bishop’s palace which was on the site of the present Civic Centre. The original building consisted of twenty houses built ... Read Detailed History ...