The recent storms damage an old oak tree

There will be people who remember this old oak tree by the Summer House on the North Lawn. If you have memories, please share them with and we can post them here on the website.

Canon Robbie’s reflections

Canon Robbie’s Reflections

All will be well

Sermon delivered by Reverend Valerie PearceMatthew 14: 22-33 (9 after Trinity – 9 august 2020) Most of us, most of the time probably like life to be ‘normal’. We like to know where we are and to have some sense … Read more

All Lives Matter

DO ALL LIVES MATTER TO GOD?We have a dream: this nation will arise,and truly live according to its creed,that all are equal in their makers eyes,and none shall suffer through another’s greed We have a dream that one day we … Read more