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Bob and Gill Marshall (2007).  Bob trained as an engineer, Gill as a tax officer. They have run off-licences and a pub and have kept sheep together.  Later Bob joined the probation service and Gill had various roles as a family aide (working with people with learning difficulties), part-time librarian, book-keeper and manager of a Barnardo’s charity shop.  They were the first couple in the history of the Church in Wales to be deaconed together as NSMs in 1987. Bob was priested in 1988 whilst Gill had to wait for the Church in Wales and was finally priested in 1997, taking on three parishes in Cedewain Deanery.  Bob subsequently took a parish after retiring from the probation service. They moved here to be nearer family and appreciate the fellowship as well as the outside amenities.

Dorothy McDougall (2000) was born in Birmingham and has also lived in Portsmouth, where her four children were born, and Yorkshire. She was married for many years to Stuart, a Priest. She has six grandchildren and is now a great grandmother. She has worked as a clerical assistant, auxiliary nurse, NHS nursing assistant and, for the CAB, as a money advisor. Her voluntary roles have included witness support at the Magistrates’ Court. Her interests include gardening, reading, embroidery, CND, Greenpeace and housing.

David Darling (2019).  Having spent much of his ministry in a religious order, David appreciates living in a community again with the opportunity to pray and worship with others whilst also living independently. He enjoys the beautiful grounds and the fact that the Colleges are at the top of the High Street with its shops, cafes, cinemas and theatres. Easy access to central London means he is able to carry on his ministry of spiritual direction both there and here in Bromley.

John and Anne Townsend (2012) both trained as medical doctors in London University, and served for 16 years in Thailand with the Overseas Missionary Fellowship. On returning to the UK, John worked as a medical consultant for NGO’s in the developing world. He is a Reader. Anne became founding editor of Family magazine, national Director of CARE Trust, and author of books including ”Faith Without Pretending”. She trained as a psychotherapist and was then ordained as a Southwark SSM working in St Pauls, Wimbledon Park. On retirement, both served in St Peter’s and St Paul’s Church, Bromley. They have three children (daughter died in her 50’s) and six adult grandchildren .

Paul and Ruth Allton (2016). Paul’s ministry was almost entirely in the Norfolk Diocese and Ruth worked as a Dental Surgeon. Despite the difference between Norfolk and Bromley, they settled in quickly and enjoy living in the College despite being country mice! They appreciate the co-existence of the rich community life and independent living and look forward to more years in this very pleasant place.

Bob Wallace (2015) was a regular visitor to Bromley College 1976-79 when, as Curate of St Mary’s, Bromley, his Post Ordination Training Tutor was Fr James Scott (the first priest to retire here). Following ministry in Rochester and Chelmsford Dioceses, he returned here after spinal surgery and early retirement and particularly appreciates not having to drive because of the excellent public transport.  He serves as Honorary Assistant Priest in the Parish of  St Francis of Assisi, Petts Wood.