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Happy Christmas!

We lit the Christmas tree and celebrated with singing Carols, followed by mulled wine and mincepies (December 7th)

On August 15th, we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day with music, cakes and prosecco (of course!)

Collegians enjoy a tea provided by the Bishop – and prosecco provided by the College! (July 24th)

Collegians saying farewell to Ken Hewitt as he leaves the College for St Barnabas, Lingfield after 25 years here. In a very moving moment as a final act of priesthood here, Fr Ken blessed the Collegians (June 27th)


Anne and John celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary (May 28th)

Sunday mass al fresco – bring your own bread and wine (May 17th)

Collegians celebrated the 75th anniversary of VE Day (May 8th)


Valerie raised over £1,000 for Childline by walking 26 laps (c8 miles) of the College perimeter for the 2.6 Challenge (April 28th)

Paul, our photographer, writes: “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. But in Holy Week it was the Bishops who take away our churches but the Lord gives brilliant weather. The Old Quad was the scene for the whole of our Holy Week and Easter worship – magnificent weather, beautiful acoustics, lovely music, imaginative worship -all made for a time that was truly memorable -and all with six feet between everyone! The Old Quad doubtless has never seen its like!”

John and Joyce Ilson leaving for their new home in Malvern (April 6th)

John and Joyce Ilson leaving for their new home in Malvern (April 6th)

Lining the drive to bid John and Joyce farewell (April 6th)

Lining the drive to bid John and Joyce farewell (April 6th)

Practicising singing and social distancing! (April 5th)

Practicising singing and social distancing! (April 5th)


The newly opened woodland walk (March 26th)

Social distancing! (March 23rd)

We were saddened by news of the death of Mary Calvert on March 7th. She died at her granddaughter’s home and was with her family.

 Afternoon tea to celebrate Ken’s 90th birthday (March 4th)

Happy birthday, Fr Ken!

Several Collegians much enjoyed the Pang Orchestra Workshop, making simple meditative music on these extraordinary Swiss-built instruments (February 28th)

“Clarisma” entertained us in the Common Room and helped us raise £222 for the Friends (February 15th). For more information about the Friends of the Colleges, visit their area on this website.

Storm Ciara hit us on February 9th

Happy (85th) birthday, dear Dorothy! (February 6th)

Helen Musson led Evensong in Chapel on January 5th as part of her preparation for ordination. At a reception afterwards, she was presented with a book token and the thanks of Collegians for all her work in the College Gardens.

During Philip Smith’s funeral, items reflecting his long life (1922-2019) were placed on a table next to his coffin (January 2nd)

We began the New Year with happy memories of our New Year’s Eve dinner. For other news from 2019 – see Collegians/Review of 2019.


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