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CORONAVIRUS: During the current pandemic, we are unable to use the Chapel and services are held in the open air as advertised in the Weekly Herald.  This page reflects the situation as we entered lockdown in March 2020:


The College Chapel is accessible at all times for private prayer and meditation for Collegians and guests.

The present pattern of Sunday and mid-week services, to which all are welcome:

10.00 am Holy Communion (CW)
5.00pm Either Evensong (BCP) or another format

Weekday Celebrations – CW

Monday to Saturday
9.00 am Morning Prayer
5.00 pm Evening Prayer
9.00 am Holy Communion
7.45 pm Compline
10.00 am Holy Communion
9.00 am Holy Communion

Spiritual Life of the Colleges

The spiritual life is enhanced by the rich and diverse Churchmanship and Theological perspectives of 50 Collegians, plus staff who make up the community. Spirituality is concerned with all aspects of our daily lives, for instance, how we live our lives in relation to those whose views and preferences may differ from our own. It is also concerned with the wider community, both locally, and globally in relation to justice, peace, and  reconciliation for all people. These things are prime factors in our spiritual life here and are held very firmly in our daily prayers in Chapel.

We have many social functions which bring us together and are very much a part of our spiritual life, as well as Bible Studies and Fellowship meetings in the Common Room. We celebrate Major Feasts.  Services of Holy Communion are presided over by those of the Collegian priests (men and women) who desire to do so.


The Chapel, grounds, and function rooms are available for Quiet Days, and are used by various groups. Suggested donations are available on request.

The new Altar, in memory of Fr Charles “Chuck” Blankenship, was dedicated by the Bishop of Tonbridge at the Founders’ Day Service in June 2019